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Last updated: January 14, 2024

This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) sets out the statement of Groupe BMTC inc.’s (“BMTC”) privacy practices regarding the protection of the personal information of the users and clients (collectively the “Users”) of its websites, applications, stores, call centers and any and all other means in which BMTC collects and uses your personal information.

All references to "websites" in this Privacy Policy refer to the following sites:,, and any other websites or applications developed and provided, from time to time, by BMTC (individually the "Website" or collectively the "Websites").

Tanguay, Tanguay L'Entrepôt, and Maurice Tanguay Signature are divisions of Groupe BMTC inc. This Privacy Policy aims to inform any User of the nature of the personal information that may be collected and used by BMTC or third parties as well as the information that may be shared with authorized third parties in some cases.

The browsing of the Website or the activation of any of the hyperlinks contained therein, the purchase of a product in a store and/or the download of an application constitutes an acceptance of this Privacy Policy and, as such, you shall be deemed having acknowledged and understood this Privacy Policy. WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING, BY BROWSING THE WEBSITE, USER HEREBY CONSENTS TO THE COLLECTION, USE, PROCESSING AND DISCLOSURE OF HIS/HER PERSONAL INFORMATION IN COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY.

BMTC reserves its right to modify any of the terms contained herein at any time and without prior notice. The use of a Website and/or an in-store purchase after a modified version of the Privacy Policy has been posted shall constitute your acceptance of such modifications. Users are therefore invited to consult this Privacy Policy periodically.

This Privacy Policy as well as its interpretation, execution, validity, and effects shall be governed and construed by the federal and provincial laws applicable in the Province of Québec (Canada), as the case may be.

1. We collect personal information for limited purposes

In this Privacy Policy, the expression “personal information” shall generally mean all information allowing an individual to be identified. The personal information that BMTC may collect, use and communicate via its Websites and via Calls, via in-store purchases and more generally in the usual course of its business may include the name, age, sex, postal address, phone number, email address and the recordings of your communications with us. User’s financial information such as credit card numbers shall also be considered personal information and may be collected, used and shared with BMTC’s service provider, Paysafe NetBanx, or any other future payment processing solution provider (the “Secured Payment Platform Provider”) as described hereafter. BMTC does not collect sensitive personal information. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “sensitive personal information” means all information that raises a high degree of reasonable expectation of privacy, namely medical, biometric or otherwise intimate, or by the nature of the context of its use or means of communication.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Call(s)” means all exchanges with BMTC, namely during phone calls, which may be recorded and monitored for quality control of our services. In the event that you do not want to be recorded, please let us know at the beginning of your communication and alternative solutions shall be made available to you.

2. Before collecting your personal information, BMTC shall take all reasonable means to obtain your express consent

Generally, BMTC expressly asks for the User’s consent before collecting his/her’s personal information. A User may withdraw his/her consent, subject to statutory and regulatory exemptions and restrictions, by providing BMTC with a reasonable written notice to its Privacy Officer (as such term is defined hereinafter) at the address listed hereinafter.

3. We only collect Personal Information that is necessary and for lawful purposes

Generally, the Website is not used as a personal information collection tool but rather aims to facilitate the communication of useful information relative to BMTC’s business and its Websites, to broadcast certain ads and contests, to promote certain products offered by BMTC and to facilitate the completion of certain transactions or online purchases. However, whenever BMTC collects personal information for such purposes, it collects such information by honest and lawful means.

4. We collect your personal information in specific circumstances

From time to time, BMTC may require that a User provide or a User voluntarily provides personal information to BMTC, including via the Websites. Personal information relative to a User may be collected in the following circumstances namely:

  • To allow the completion of and in-store purchase or an online purchase or transaction;
  • To open a customer account;
  • To allow a User to voluntarily register to a mailing list, to catalogues or promotions;
  • To allow a User to voluntarily enter into a contest;
  • To allow a User to voluntarily complete a survey regarding his/her habits, needs or preferences;
  • To allow communications on all of BMTC’s social media pages (such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest);
  • To answer to general questions or requests;

Please note that BMTC also collects certain non-personal analytical data pertaining to the use of the Websites, which is used for the purposes of customer experience optimization and analysis. Such non-personal analytical data may, from time to time, be disclosed to third parties, namely through the services provided by Google Analytics. For more information on the foregoing , please refer to How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our service and Safeguarding your data.

5. Your personal information is generally collected for internal purposes, except in the following cases

Generally, BMTC uses the personal information collected from Users for internal purposes only. However, BMTC may disclose such personal information to the following persons:

  1. To external service providers with whom BMTC has a contractual arrangement that provides for comparable levels of protection of personal information and who use such personal information, namely: (i) within the scope of and for the purposes of the services provided by BMTC to the Users, such as, for example, payment tools like PaySafe NetBanx and financing services like Fairstone (ii) as part of BMTC’s advertising, promotions or promotional contests or (iii) for administrative purposes such as printing, faxing, archiving and document and email management. For example, the service provider that hosts the Websites and who performs maintenance on the Websites may potentially access personal information of Users as part of the specific performance of its services pursuant to its confidentiality obligations;
  2. To BMTC’s service providers (such as social media, search engines or analytics services such as Google Analytics) that offer audience analysis tools or measurement reports on individuals that see advertisements or promotions or that conduct online searches, based on preference, interests, demographic parameters and geographical area, and this in order to allow BMTC to target similar audiences for advertising purposes;
  3. To BMTC’s manufacturers and partners for delivery services, customer service and after-sales service, including without limitation, for the execution of product warranties or certain products or with providers with whom BMTC has direct shipping agreements;
  4. To foundations or non-profit organizations affiliated to or partners with BMTC, but only when you purchase tickets through the Website;
  5. To third parties when required by law;

BMTC may disclose your personal information to third parties, forming part of the abovementioned categories, operating outside of the Province of Québec. For such purposes, BMTC, from time to time, conducts assessments on the privacy standards of such third parties and ensures that whenever your personal information is disclosed outside of the Province of Québec, such personal information is adequately protected including with regards to generally accepted privacy principles.

Furthermore, when a payment is made on the secured transaction system of the Secured Payment Platform Provider (which constitutes an independent and external database from the Website), the User shall enter his/her card number, the card’s expiration date (as the case may be), the name of the registered card holder and any other necessary information to complete his/her order. User shall have the option at his/her discretion to accept to save his/her payment information in his/her customer’s account on the Secured Payment Platform Provider’s payment system. User acknowledges and agrees that any personal information and other information relative to the payment of an order and that is saved to the customer account of a User on the Secured Payment Platform Provider’s payment system shall also be held by the Secured Platform Gateway Provider and not by BMTC.

6. It is essential for BMTC to protect your personal information and BMTC takes all available means to protect it

BMTC takes the appropriate measures to protect, with the available means, the personal information of its Users against the unauthorized access, use or reproduction. Such protective measures may include the use of a secured transaction program and a physical protection aiming to restrict access to the offices and files of BMTC containing personal information collected, used, or disclosed via the Websites.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, BMTC’s Websites are equipped with certain safeguards or certain characteristics that allows BMTC to protect, to a higher degree, its Users personal information, namely:

  • Online order forms are protected and are only accessible from a secure area of the Websites;
  • All communications between the various components of the Websites are encrypted;
  • The Website is subject to data redundancy measures, which are also subject to security safeguards;
  • Orders from Users are hosted on a secured server;
  • Payments made through the Website are verified by the Secured Payment Platform Provider’s transaction system environment;
  • BMTC’s IT service provider is, at all times, required to meet various security obligations, which include, without limitation, an assessment of security practices and processes to be carried out on an ongoing basis and a continuous monitoring of the software components of the Websites and their updating.

7. You may also take precautionary security measures before communicating your personal information

When a User must communicate personal information via a Website, he/she can ensure that the communication is made in a secure environment when a security trust seal (closed lock) is shown on the top of his/her internet browser’s window. A User may click on the closed lock icon to obtain more information regarding the security trust seal.

Also, after having completed a transaction through a Website or if a User has to momentarily leave his/her computer unattended while being still logged in, it is important to close the browser window and log off of his/her customer’s account. To close the browser window in a secure manner, the User must click on the “Cancel” option, empty the browser cache and close the browser.

8. You may change the personal information in your file at all times

BMTC takes all reasonable and available measures to ensure that the collected personal information remains exact, true, complete and up to date and for these purposes, relies on the collaboration of the User in order to be informed of any changes to such personal information. BMTC also allows all Users to modify at all times, through a secured access, the personal information recorded in his/her account.

9. You may contact BMTC at all times in order to review, correct or update your file

Any User that has communicated personal information to BMTC has the right to review, correct, extract and update his/her personal information, to request that the disclosure of his/her personal information cease if such disclosure causes serious injury or to obtain information regarding the processing of his/her personal information by providing a written request to the Privacy Officer as identified hereinafter. If such a request is delivered to BMTC, it shall diligently address such request. Additionally, BMTC will ensure that the User is informed as to what personal information was collected and shall give such User access to his/her personal information by transmitting a copy of such information in a structured and commonly used technological format. BMTC may also cease to disclose personal information relative to a User and/or de-index a hyperlink attached to a User’s name in compliance with applicable law. In the event where BMTC may not give access to certain Personal Information it has collected, BMTC will communicate the reasons for such refusal to the User and inform him/her of the remedies available to them in such a case.

10. Access to your file is free, but there may be applicable fees if you request a written transcription of your file

Access to personal information in a User’s file is free. However, reasonable fees may be requested from the User to offset the costs of transcribing, reproducing or transmitting his/her personal information. In such an event, the User shall be informed of the amount that may be charged to him beforehand.

11. Your Personal Information is kept by BMTC as long as necessary and securely

BMTC may keep a file relative to a User containing personal information collected. BMTC uses, discloses, and keeps such personal information as long as it may be necessary. In the interest of maintaining the confidentiality of such personal information and the fulfillment of its obligations under applicable laws, BMTC shall seek to establish cut-off periods for the retention of personal information and procedures for the secure retention, destruction, and anonymization of personal information.

12. Confidentiality incidents

BMTC keeps an up-to-date register of confidentiality incidents, as defined in the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (CQLR, c. P-39.1), that may affect the security or confidentiality of your Personal Information. If an incident presents a risk of serious injury to a User, BMTC shall take all necessary measures to inform them, subject to applicable laws. The assessment of the level of risk of injury shall be based on the sensitivity of the relevant information, the anticipated consequences and the likelihood that such information be used for injurious purposes.

13. High security by default

All privacy settings applicable to the use of a Website provide, by default, the highest level of confidentiality, without any required intervention on your part.

14. You may communicate with BMTC at all times for any complaints or questions regarding your Personal Information

Files containing Personal Information relative to a User are usually kept at BMTC’s head office. For any complaints or questions concerning this Privacy Policy, its interpretation or application, you may communicate with BMTC’s Privacy Officer at the following address and phone number:

7200, rue Armand-Viau Québec (Québec) G2C2A7
(the « Privacy Officer »)


BMTC shall take all necessary measures to diligently answer all of its User’s questions.

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