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On the Internet, every interaction with a digital product generates data. Thus, when you visit Tanguay website, you generate data. Through your choices and actions, Tanguay can transmit the necessary information to your device to display the requested content. This exchange of data is the basis of the way the Internet works. Without this exchange, there is no network, therefore no Internet.

Managing your cookies

We have implemented measures to protect the personal information we collect in accordance with the Privacy Act and our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy, such as encrypting passwords and using secure communications (HTTPS) for all communications containing personal information.

What is a browser cookie?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your browser that saves data about your Internet habits. For example, a cookie may contain a unique number assigned to you. This number makes it possible to recognise your browser without being able to establish your identity.

Managing your online experience through cookie management

Your data is valuable, and we believe it is up to you to decide which ones you want to share with us. You can use the tool below to enable or disable some of our cookies. However, cookies that are essential to the proper functioning of our digital products cannot be disabled.

Before downloading cookie-blocking software, you should be aware that these tools will prevent certain Tanguay Furniture products from working as intended, and sometimes from working at all. If you block cookies, you may not be able to view content and you may block certain functions, such as locating, searching, registering, logging in and commenting.

Disabling cookies

Most browsers allow you to manage the cookies that are placed on your computer. Please see how to disable cookies stored on your device through your browser.

Visit the page for the browser you are using to find out more:

If your browser is not listed, please visit your browser's website.


The list of cookies is subject to change. Our products are constantly evolving, so new cookies may be added or removed.

Anonymisation of data

Analytical data is anonymised in order to prevent the identity of any individual from being established. Actions taken on our products cannot be associated with a person. Anonymisation of data means changing the content or structure of the data to make it very difficult or impossible to "re-identify" individuals.

Secure connections

Tanguay encrypts all communications containing personal information. This means that the data transmitted is encrypted in order to guarantee its confidentiality during the exchange of data between your devices and the various products and services of Tanguay.

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